File Requirements

Quest Graphics accepts a wide range of digital file formats for your artwork. Learn the best ways to avoid problems with our list of file requirements.

If you have questions regarding any of these specifications, please call us, we’d love to help! Creating a wonderful print project is easier than ever, thanks to technology upgrades. These upgrades will continue to challenge all printers. Getting your file to finished product is our ultimate goal, so as we discover new treasures or bugs that impact file requirements, this list will be updated.

Removable Media:

USB jump drives or portable drives, CD or DVD

Electronic Transfer:

  • Files less than 7MB can be sent as an attachment to emails but should be compressed before sending.
  • Retrieval from your FTP site. Please supply details to your Quest Graphics representative.
  • Quest Graphics can also set you up with an account to upload files greater than 7MB to our server. Contact us for details.
  • Large file transfer sites are also acceptable. Please be aware of the usage costs and security issues with the site you choose to use. Please supply details and links for the site of your choice.

Our Software:

Our primary graphics platform is Macintosh but most graphics applications are multi-platform so we should be able to work with your pc files as well. Microsoft applications are acceptable for digital printing or as a means to supply text only. If your project was not created in one of our primary applications, give us a call, we do have some workarounds in place and will implement them on a case by case basis.

QuarkXPress 8.0 or earlier
Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier
Adobe PhotoShop CS5 or earlier
Adobe InDesign CS5 or earlier
Adobe Acrobat CS5 or earlier

File Formats:

.eps - We prefer vector files with fonts outlined and images embedded as well as supplied separately.

.tif - Lineart should be a minimum of 1200 dpi and photos a minimum of 300 dpi when placed at 100%

.ai - Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier with fonts outlined and images embedded as well as supplied separately.

.psd - Adobe PhotoShop CS5 document

.indd - Adobe InDesign CS5 document

.qxd - QuarkXPress document

.jpg - These images are acceptable as long as resolution, RGB vs. CMYK and copyright have been considered. Spot colors do not work with jpg images.

.pdf - Creating a production ready pdf is key. Too many applications will create a quick, web/email friendly pdf BUT that’s not the pdf we want to go to press with. All applications are different but here are some good base settings: Embed all fonts, no compressions, and output with registration centered at 8pt. Save in High Quality Print or PDF/X-1a:2001 format.


Fonts should be supplied with each project or outlined when possible. Most page layout applications will collect or package all pertaining fonts and images. We can usually talk you through this process if you need help.


We’d love a hard copy or a composite pdf of your project. We do our best to be sure the first proof, is the only proof you need. That being said, we are human and without a composite, we can’t check line endings, page breaks or other things that might go amiss.


Food for Thought.

Web graphics are usually very low resolution and subject to copyright law. These images should never be used in your project. It is illegal for any printer to print copyrighted material without appropriate permissions. If we notice that an image, logo, etc. is copyrighted, we will alert you and will not proceed with printing until the issue is resolved. Don’t delay your project, don’t violate copyrights.

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